Mainstreaming the value of inheritance 

4  /   12   /   2018

Kaushal Bhaav is honoured to receive support and partnership with HH Maharaja Gaj Singhji in an effort to Mainstream Heritage and Sustainable Building Practices through skilling and certification.

HH Maharaja Gaj Singhji has extended his full support to us in Jodhpur, leading to our entry in RAI KA BAGH PALACE. His constant support and guidance has helped us in expanding our vision and horizon in skill landscape. 

In this process we have mapped the work inventory of RAI KA BAGH PALACE that will be delivered during training by JHM Trainees. We shall commence training in Jodhpur  shortly.

GET IN TOUCH: 2255, Jawahar Colony, Air Force Station Road, Faridabad 121002

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