Responses from Beneficiaries 

94 women from Dausa, kanota, Bedoli, Bassi, Amer, Kali Dungri, Benada, Damodarpura, Jhinjha, Dev Gaon and Chainpura, became Junior Heritage Mistri 


300 Junior heritage mistries 

17  /   11   /   2016

Kaushal Bhaav Skill Solutions in partnership with Rajasthan Skill and Livelihoods Development Corporation, Government of Rajasthan, under a technical pilot (A flagship programme), training 300 youth in Junior Heritage Mistri course in Jaipur, Rajasthan​

Kaushal Bhaav Skill Solutions, through its skill development initiatives, promotes the concept of Sustainable Heritage Management. Rajasthan is one of our key focus states.The reasons for investing our services in the state through are training program are as follows:

A) Knowledge bank of Traditional Building Practices, of India : The state of Rajasthan holds the inter-generational knowledge and understanding of traditional/ indigenous building practices. 

B) Heritage state of India: Rajasthan has heritage structures spread across its expanse thus housing the rich legacy of the country. With over 136 heritage hotels and innumerable monuments, the land clearly requires a continuous supply of skilled work force with the knowledge of traditional building practices. Conservation, restoration and expansion of heritage buildings should and must only be done by skilled hands.